Web Design. We create your website to be attractive, modern and framed with your brand and goals.

Model Description Price
Basic One page fits all. General information, identity, mission, services and contacts. 100 €
Plus Up to 6 pages. For those who need more space or show portfolio. 150 €
Supra Up to 6 pages + SHOP 200 €
Page+ For extra page 50 €

Online Stores. We plan your catalog of products linked to a payment system by credit or debit card and promote your store. It has never been so easy.

Model Description Price
Mini Up to 20 products. 150 €
Super Up to 100 products. 200 €
Hiper More than 100 products. 300 €

Corporative Image. We develop a visual representation of your concept through the organization of several elements like typography, icons, text and colors, creating a brand to be retained and desired by the consumer.

Model Description Price
Total Plus Initial or re-launch campaign with basic website. 500 €
Total Initial or re-launch campaign without basic website. 400 €
Logo Delivery in 2 editing formats and 2 color versions. From 100 €
Comercial card Entrega en 2 formatos de edición y 2 versiones de colores A partir de 50 €
Social Networks Page customization and SEO analysis. 50 €

Social Networks. The adoption of social networks like Facebook or Twitter, opens numerous possibilities to communicate. We customize and organize your pages to promote your brand or service.

Model Description Price
Basic. Facebook, Twitter or other pages customization. 50 €
Plus Page customization and campaign. 100 €
Super Customization with the integration of multiple pages and campaign. 200 €

SEO    We make easy to find you on the web. Search Engine's Optimization is one of the most powerful tools to monetize your website.

Model Description Price
Basic Google Analytics. Page SpeedInsight. 50 €
Plus Google Analytics. Page SpeedInsight. 1 months AdWords campaign . 100 €
Supra Google Analytics. Page SpeedInsight. 6 months AdWords campaign . 200 €

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